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Sensory differences plan:

Sensory differences presentation slide handout:

Sensory workshop workbook:

Handout Our Own Sensory Difference – Activities

Handout Sensory Differences – Dressing

Handout Sensory Differences – Eating

Handout Sensory Differences  – Environmental Changes

Handout Sensory Differences – Equipment Suppliers


Handout Sensory Differences – Hairwashing

Handout Sensory Differences – Interoception

Handout Sensory Differences – Proprioception

Handout Sensory Differences – Toileting

Further Information

Useful Websites

The website by Angie Voss is another excellent source of information and ideas. It includes downloadable handouts and lots of helpful strategies and tips. Though we do not use this term in the UK as a diagnosis, this website is full of useful information and activity ideas.

Books for parents

• ‘Raising a sensory smart child’ (2009) by Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske – Read more about this resource at

• ‘Understanding your Childs sensory signals’ (2011) by Angie Voss

• ‘Your Essential Guide to Sensory Processing’ (2011) by Angie Voss

• ‘Building bridges: Through Sensory Integration’ (2002) by Ellen Yack, Paula Aquilla and Shirley Sutton.

• ‘The Unworry Book’ (2019) by Alice James

Apps to promote self-regulation and individual sensory needs: – Brain Works app (this app is only available for iphone and ipads)

• Pooland: great resource for continence difficulties around opening bowels

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