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Letter for tomorrow

Four of CFHD’s participation young advisors have been involved in creating the ‘Letter for Tomorrow’. The letter is a powerful and moving piece of work that is intended to give hope and encouragement to other young people that are facing difficult times and experiencing suicidal thoughts. Astro, Hollie and Malcolm have personal experience of suicide and wrote and recorded an audio version of the letter. Scarlett produced the artwork for the letter.

Dear Friend,

We are a group of people from Devon who are writing this Letter of Hope to you because we care about you and what happens in your life. We do not know you, you do not know us, but we care.

We care because, like you, we were struggling to stay alive. We attempted suicide. We went to A&E, were referred to the Crisis Team, or admitted to hospital after attempting suicide and we survived. We have done more than survive; we have found the courage to live again. So please, if you are ever in such a dark and desolate place that you feel like taking your own life, this letter has been written to ask you to hold on. Give yourself time…

Read the full letters below. Audio files for the Letter of Hope and Letter for Tomorrow are also available.

The Letter for Tomorrow was launched, along with the Letter of Hope (for adults) to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day.. Hollie and Lucy Eyre (Operations Manager Risk Support Pathway CFHD) appeared on ITV news to promote the letter.

The Letter of HopeLetter for Tomorrow and Hope Letter have been written by adults, young people and people with learning disabilities from Devon, who wish to offer help and hope to those who are thinking about suicide.