National Supply Shortage of Medicines for ADHD – Information and advice for people currently prescribed Medication for ADHD

What is the problem?

The Government have information us that there is a national supply shortage of the medication prescribed to help manage your ADHD symptoms.

We know how important your medicines are and understand that this may cause you to feel anxious. We hope that this information will provide some reassurance and give you advice about what to do and who to contact if you need any support.

For more information read our patient information letter.

Image: Find out more about the Lumi Nova app

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What are you looking for today?

Letter for Tomorrow

Four of CFHD’s participation young advisors have been involved in creating the ‘Letter for Tomorrow’. The letter is a powerful and moving piece of work that is intended to give hope and encouragement to other young people that are facing difficult times and experiencing suicidal thoughts. Astro, Hollie and Malcolm have personal experience of suicide and wrote and recorded an audio version of the letter. Scarlett produced the artwork for the letter.

The Letter for Tomorrow was launched, along with the Letter of Hope (for adults) to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September. Hollie and Lucy Eyre (Operations Manager Risk Support Pathway CFHD) appeared on ITV news to promote the letter.

Read the Letter for Tomorrow.