Community Children’s Nursing Service

The Community Children’s Nursing Service supports children with a wide range of complex health conditions who require expert and specific nursing advice and support.

Conditions in scope

We might see children or young people in Devon who have:

  • Breathing/airway difficulties
  • Compromised mobility
  • Eating and drinking difficulty
  • Complex continence problems
  • Sleeping disorders caused by a medical condition
  • Personal care/skin problems
  • Seizures

Changing balloon gastrostomy water

Changing nasogastric tube tapes

Troubleshooting nasogastric tube

How can we help?

We are a skilled team of specialist community children’s nurses and we provide a wide range of nursing and extended nursing roles. We facilitate the promotion of health needs and the delivery of medical care and treatments for children with complex health needs.

By working with children and young people within their usual environment, we are able to reduce the number of hospital stays/visits. This helps towards ensuring that the child or young person has access to the same care opportunities as those without additional needs.

For children and young people with complex health needs who require hospital admission, liaison with the community nursing team will ensure that the child or young person is admitted for as short a period of time as possible.

The Children’s Community Nursing Service are active members of the palliative care pathway for children and young people. We facilitate the provision of appropriate nursing care to meet the complex healthcare needs of children and young people on this pathway.

See also: Palliative Care and Specialist School Nursing

What happens next?

Referrals are reviewed by the team leaders and if accepted, allocation to a children’s community nurse is usually made very quickly for most referrals.

What is the process?

Location of Centres

We will arrange to see you at a location convenient to you or near to your home, which may or may not be listed below. You should not visit the locations below unless we have sent you an appointment and requested that you do. If you need help please contact us using the number on this page.


Children and Family Health Devon

Single Point of Access Team
1a Capital Court
Bittern Road
Sowton Industrial Estate
Exeter EX2 7FW


t: 0330 0245 321