Referral Criteria – Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse includes engaging children and young people in sexual activities including sexual assault, as well as non-contact abuse such as involving children and young people in looking at pornographic material and sending sexually inappropriate messages (including social media).

CAMHS can help by supporting families to come to terms with abuse and to work individually with young people to help them recover from the trauma that abuse can often cause. Our specialist child abuse team – Journey After Child Abuse Team (JACAT) helps children and young people individually and with their families. Staff are trained in trauma work and sensitively help to find ways of recovering from the effects of abuse.

Conditions in scope

Please see the CAMHS Request Criteria page.

Pre-request requirements

Sometimes the difficulties can be supported by a range of interventions across services. We may expect interventions to have been tried before coming to CAMHS, for example support within school, counselling, children’s centres, parenting groups etc. Please consider whether this is appropriate before making your request and ensure that any supporting information is submitted along with the request so that clinical screening can be expedited.

How can you support a child?

It is important that children are listened to and believed and kept safe. You may need to refer to the local social service team if safeguarding is an issue.

Supporting documentation

Please review the list below and ensure that you have the appropriate documentation available to submit with your request – items in bold are mandatory (by age appropriateness)

Please also see the CAMHS Request Criteria page.

Location of Centres

We will arrange to see you at a location convenient to you or near to your home, which may or may not be listed below. You should not visit the locations below unless we have sent you an appointment and requested that you do. If you need help please contact us using the number on this page.


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