Specialist School Nurses

The Special School Nurse Service provides a responsive and high standard of nursing care for children with complex health needs who attend special schools across Devon.

We are qualified nurses who are based in some local authority special schools across Devon.

We work with families, children and young people to ensure the child’s health needs can be met in school and to enable them to access their education.

We work alongside other members of the multi disciplinary team, such as Paediatricians, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Community Childrens Nurses, Learning Disability Nurses, Speech and Language Therapists, Dieticians, Continence Nurses, Immunisations team, 0-25 Education Team, local and national hospitals and social care to ensure your child’s needs are fully met.

We hold specialist clinics within the school and support families with appointments.

We act as lead professionals for some children with complex health needs in special schools, where we are deemed the most appropriate professional.

How does the service work?

If your child is offered a place at a special school, they will have an initial screening to assess their health needs and requirements.

All children attending special schools with complex health needs will have access to a Special School Nurse.

The Special School Nurses will ensure that children who have complex health problems have their health needs assessed and care needs are planned and delivered in school to a high quality.

We provide training to school staff to ensure they are working at a competent level to care for your child’s health needs.

Our team

The Special School Nursing service is part of Children & Family Health Devon – Children’s Community Nurse provision. We are dedicated to providing every child with the best care and support we can.

Our team are experienced nurses who are given access to the most appropriate training to enable us to focus on the individual needs of the child, young person, their families and school staff.

Every member of the team has to provide evidence of their registration and criminal record status before they can work within the school.

See also: Palliative Care and Children’s Community Nursing

Who can refer to the service?

We receive referrals from consultant paediatricians, school, GPs, other health professionals, parents and carers. You can refer via the Single Point of Access (SPA).


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