Rehabilitation Officers for Visually Impaired Children (ROVIC)

Children & Family Health Devon has a dedicated team of professionals holding a range of skills and qualifications to support children and young people who have significant visual difficulties impacting on how they reach and develop skills. The Rehabilitation Officers for Visually Impaired Children (ROVIC) team serves North, South and Eastern Devon.

Our service boasts an integrated mix of qualifications and experience relating to childhood development in the presence of a visual and/or multi-sensory impairment(s).

The team have extensive experience in child development alongside sensory impairment and associated needsThe team is currently shaped to provide workers who have qualifications, experience and knowledge within the following areas:

  • Rehabilitation and habilitation for visually and multisensory impaired infants/children and young people
  • Orientation and mobility for visually and multi-sensory impaired infants/children and young people
  • Multi-sensory impairment (Deafblindness) for infants/children and young people

The team also have experienced and proficient specialist assistants supporting the interventions and skills development for individual families, infants, children and young people accessing the service.

You can refer a child or young person to us in any of these areas by using the Single Point of Access and making a Request for Service once you’ve met our request criteria.


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