Community Psychiatric Nurses

Community psychiatric nurses are qualified and registered to understand and work with children and young people in Devon that experience mental health difficulties.

About us

Community psychiatric nurses specialise in assessing risk and the mental health of children and young people. We offer a range of therapeutic approaches to support them and their families. The nursing assessment takes into consideration all areas of life including home, school and friendships as well as physical and mental health.

We carefully plan and co-ordinate care, make sure it happens and monitor the progress. We have an understanding of medication, how it works and what sort of positive impact it should be having. We also understand the signs and symptoms of mental illness.

Some nurses will complete additional training to be able to prescribe medication. As well as core nursing skills, the community psychiatric nurses have often completed training in other areas like family therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and counselling.

Nurses are flexible in their working, sometimes visiting the home, hospital, schools, or inviting young people to meet in our clinics.


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