Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

The Devon Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) provide help for children and young people who may be experiencing problems with their emotional or psychological wellbeing or mental health.

Support available:

  • Psychosis
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Child Sexual Abuse Support
  • Self Harm

Children and young people may need help with a wide range of issues at different points in their lives. Parents and carers may also need help and advice to deal with behavioural or other problems their child is experiencing. Parents, carers and young people can receive direct support through the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

How can we help?

The CAMHS team will see children and young people where there are concerns about their emotional or psychological wellbeing or mental health. If our service is the right one for you, we will work in collaboration with you to see how we can best be of help. We use outcome measures to support us in using the most effective therapy. These measures are questionnaires which keep us on track by asking you for regular feedback on how things are and measure if your child’s difficulties are getting any easier.

Our specialist team can offer many different treatment options, depending on the difficulties being experienced and the type of problem. Some of the ways we can support you include:

We will explain and discuss possible options with you at your appointment and talk with you about the estimated length of your treatment.

Who might my child see?

The team is made up of a range of professionals including:

What happens next?

Once the request for help from CAMHS has been accepted, you will be offered an initial assessment either urgently (within 7 days) or within 6 weeks. This initial appointment is an opportunity for you to tell us about the difficulties and together we can assess what we might need to do next. Sometimes a single appointment is all that is needed, but if you do need a series of appointments we will assign a clinician with the appropriate skills and work in partnership with you. Sometimes more specialist intervention is needed and we will discuss this with you so that you are clear about what happens next.

Follow up appointments should be offered within 18 weeks of referral.

Participation in Devon CAMHS

In CAMHS we believe very strongly that children, young people, parents and carers should have a say in the way we develop and improve our service – it’s a service for children, young people and families after all. We have a Participation Worker whose job is to make sure we do our best to involve children, young people and families and to support and encourage them to share their views.

The people that get involved do all sorts of different things including interviewing people for jobs in CAMHS (and other children and young people’s services), helping to train staff, taking part in workshops to help improve different parts of the service, helping to write information for leaflets and our website, and anything else that comes up!

We really appreciate and value the ideas of children, young people and families and the time they find to help us. If you think you might be interested in helping with this work, please get in touch.

What is the process?

Location of Centres

We will arrange to see you at a location convenient to you or near to your home, which may or may not be listed below. You should not visit the locations below unless we have sent you an appointment and requested that you do. If you need help please contact us using the number on this page.


Children and Family Health Devon

Single Point of Access Team
1a Capital Court
Bittern Road
Sowton Industrial Estate
Exeter EX2 7FW

t: 0330 0245 321