Sources of Information

To the right of this page you will find links to useful websites, as well as a range of documents which may be helpful.

For further information on service provision for children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities Please see the SEND website:

CFHD Signpost Plus offer up to date information regarding support available in your area:

The Specialist Autism Assessment Team’s resources including leaflets and short videos about a range of topics that may be affecting children/young people and their families: and

There are many resources that have been produced by other CFHD services that can also be found on our website including:

  • Speech and Language Therapy for advice about understanding
    and using language.
  • Occupational Therapy for advice and information regarding sensory differences, organisational skills and other functional activities
  • Learning Disability Team for information about sleep and behaviour
  • CAMHS for advice regarding mental health needs

Bitesize Videos

We have developed a range of videos on specific topics to help you understand and support your child.

Recognising ASD – A Guide for Professionals

Supporting your Child through COVID-19

Anxiety in Autism

Behaviour in Autism

Sensory Processing

Communication Differences in Autism

The PDA profile of Autism

My Child has Received a Diagnosis

My Child is on the Waiting List

One Minute Guides

We have also developed a range of One Minute Guides, on specific topics.




Sensory differences



Social Stories