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Autism and sensory processing

Sensory processing refers to how we use the information provided by all of the sensations from within our body and from our environment. All of the information is integrated to give us an understanding of who we are, where we are and what is happening around us. When our senses are integrated correctly we are able to respond appropriately to the sensation.

Children with sensory processing challenges may struggle to understand what is happening inside and outside their bodies. They may struggle to communicate how they feel, they may be disorganised in a world they can’t make sense of and need to learn strategies to enable them to cope and function.

Imagine the impact on your attention when the pictures on the wall repeatedly grab your attention or the sound of an everyday object causes you to feel threatened and unsafe. Imagine if you are in a state of constant ‘high alert’, due to fear of someone brushing past you, as this form of touch is perceived to feel painful.