Referral Information

Making a referral

If you wish to make a request for an autism assessment, please complete the Request for Service Form and relevant supporting documents (found below and to the right of this page) and send to the Single Point of Access (SPA) with the supporting evidence detailed below.

Referral Criteria / Documentation Required

A request for assessment will not be accepted if there is not clear evidence that the child or young person has signs or symptoms that are expected for ASD or when a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist does not support the request.

The Team will only screen requests for an Autism Assessment if the requests meet the following criteria:

> Completed Request for Service (to be completed by requester)> At least 2 x reports from different services detailing evidence of specific ASD traits (these can be historic) and can be from:

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
Paediatric Psychology
Occupational Therapy (OT)
Educational Psychology (EP) / Communication & Interaction Team (C&IT)
Speech & Language Therapy (SLT)
Learning Disability (LD)

> Completed Consent for Assessment (to be completed by parent/carer or young person if 16 years or older)

> Completed Form B Parent Questionnaire (to be completed by parent/carers)

> Completed Form C School Questionnaire (to be completed by school staff)

> Completed Form D Background Info Form 13+ (to be completed by parent/carers if young person is 13 years or older)

> Completed Form E Young Person Questionnaire (to be completed by the young person if 16 years or older)

Early Help Assessment

> Where children are already supported by level 3 services (including a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)) we require copies of their existing statement/plan, previous assessments undertaken, analysis of the impact achieved from any interventions implemented to date together with the name of the child’s lead professional (or key worker).

This is in order to:

> Make informed decisions regarding the need for a specialist autism assessment

> Ensure that children do not receive repeat assessments unnecessarily

> Ensure that outcomes from specialist assessments feed into the support network / plan currently in place for the child and their family

For more information about referring to our service, please see our Referral Guide

Contact Information

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