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The Mental Health Support Team in Schools (MHST) support videos

The Mental Health Support Team in Schools (MHST) have their own Mental Health Support Team videos and playlist on DPT’s YouTube Channel.

The first 5 videos give an overview of what we offer in MHST; through our work with schools offering reflective space to education staff, training young people to become mental health ambassadors, as well as sharing more about our 1:1 offer of Li-CBT and aiming to give children, young poeple and their families an idea of what to expect at their first session with us:

  1. Mental Health Support Team (MHST) – introduction to our service
  2. MHST Interventions – What is Li-CBT?
  3. MHST – What to expect from your first session
  4. Mental Health Ambassadors
  5. MHST – Reflective space

The next 12 videos aim to give an overview of the different interventions we offer for mild-moderate symptoms of mental health challenges:

  1. Worry Management
  2. Behavioural Experiments
  3. Behavioural Activation
  4. Cognitive Restructuring
  5. Decider Skills
  6. Coping Cat
  7. Exposure and Habituation
  8. Exposure and Response Prevention
  9. Parent Led CBT
  10. Timid to Tiger
  11. Parenting Behavioural Intervention
  12. Relapse Prevention