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Sibling relationships: a 1 minute guide about autism

How do you know if your child needs support with sibling relationships?

It can be difficult for siblings of children with Autism to come to terms with the diagnosis. You may see some of the following difficulties in them:

What kinds of support can help?

There are lots of people with Autism in the UK, and lots of families who have been finding ways to support their children. Some of the things that have worked for them are listed below. Every family is different, so they won’t all work in your situation. You may have to try several before you find ones that work.

What about my child’s other needs?

Autism is pervasive, which means that your child will have needs in more than one area. You are likely to find that you need to mix strategies like those above with other strategies. As your child grows and develops, their needs will change, meaning that the strategies that work will also change. This can be tricky, but it is the same for all children and it is how they make sure we stay alert!

Once you have tried a few things you will hopefully be getting a clearer picture about your child’s Autism and what works for them.

Learning more about autism can help you make more sense of all these complications. Spending time with other parents who are going through this can also be a big support, providing information and ideas but also emotional support if you need it.

Understanding your child and learning more about siblings

Once you have tried a few things, and learned more about your child and their autism, you might be interested in finding out more about siblings. The following resources might be worth looking into: