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Potting training - tips and advice

Many children find toilet training difficult. Some learn quickly, while others can take longer. It is not uncommon for children to slip back occasionally after they have made good progress.

Children learn better when they are not anxious, so although it can be frustrating, especially when
out and about, try to keep calm.

When to begin potty training?

All children are different, but a good guide that they are ready to become toilet trained is if they:

Preparing for potty training

Using training pants

Training pants are like a nappy with an elasticated waistband. They are less tightfitting than a nappy
and are easier for both you and your child to pull up and down, although many children can move
straight from nappies to pants. You can start using training pants at any stage once you have begun
potty training. A good time to start is when you have one successful potty time every day.

Other tips