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Fussy eaters - tips and advice

Many children go through a stage of refusing to try new foods. In fact it’s a part of normal childhood development and can peak between 2-6 yrs. old. Some children who were previously thought to be “good eaters” can start rejecting any new food and even reject food they previously ate. As a result of this reaction to new foods, parents can begin to only offer foods that the child prefers and so the child’s diet can become limited.

Children often like things to be the same and are not keen on new things. Later on, some children
with additional challenges rely on the routine and predictability of mealtimes to be able to function
more easily which makes them even more resistant to change.

Eating a limited diet, especially if important food groups like fruit and vegetables are missing, can
lead to nutritional deficiencies or health problems.

If a child is struggling to try new foods, it can cause mealtimes to become a stressful event for the
whole family.


young person standing with a backpack over one shoulder
young person standing with a backpack over one shoulder