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Fun ways to play - tummy time

All babies need some time playing on their tummies every day, so long as you are supervising them. ‘Tummy time’ helps them learn about movement and develops the skills to roll over, sit and crawl. It allows babies to move about freely, unconstrained by a car seat or buggy.

Tummy time also develops their visual skills by allowing them to look at the world at eye level
(rather than seeing only the ceiling!). It also helps to prevent your baby developing a flattened head

You can place your baby on their tummy from birth. The sooner you start, the more likely your baby
is going to tolerate this position. It’s best to start off with a few minutes of tummy time twice a day
and build up from there as they get older. If your baby starts to cry, then take a break and try again
later. Very often babies do not like lying on their tummies and that is why this fact sheet aims to give
you ideas as to how to make it easier. With regular practice, babies’ tolerance to this often improves.


Remember it is important to allow your baby the opportunity to have (supervised) free time on the
floor, this includes lying on their back e.g. under an activity gym.

Ideas for tummy time (from birth)

Please remember, you should always supervise your baby when they are on their tummy and
always lay your baby down to sleep on their back.