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Engaging children with sitting and rolling - activities

Why do babies learn to roll?

Babies learn to roll to grasp for something they want that is outside of their reach and to explore their environment.

Why is rolling important in a baby’s development?

Rolling helps a child to develop the muscles in their neck, tummy and back, which helps them to gain the strength they need to be able to sit and move between positions. This movement skill allows them to explore and gain new experiences, which helps with other areas of development and makes play more exciting.

How can I encourage my baby to roll?

Rolling from tummy to back

Babies generally first learn to roll from their tummy to their back by pushing up unevenly on their hands and rolling to one side. It is therefore really important to place your baby on their tummy frequently throughout the day.

Rolling from back to tummy

How can I help my baby learn to sit?

How can I help my baby learn to get from lying to sitting?