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Balance in PE - tips and advice

Balance is the ability to stay upright, steady and in control of your posture while undertaking a movement activity. Your child needs to have developed good back and tummy muscle strength in order to balance successfully.

Balance is an important skill as it helps a child gain confidence and skills with physical movement and
coordination. Infants use balance to learn how to crawl, toddlers use it to learn to jump with two feet and kick a ball, pre-schoolers use it to learn how to skip and dress themselves, and older children gain skills in sports and games.

Your child should be encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities to help promote balance and movement skills. Select activities that motivate your child, as this will encourage success.

Activities and strategies

The following activities have been put together to enable practice and improve balance skills. They
can be carried out in any order and should ideally be practised about three times a week for 15
minutes and could be incorporated into PE lessons.

Three young people playing football