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Accessories that can be used to support with mealtimes

Mealtimes are an important aspect of family life. Children begin to develop self-feeding skills from birth. Self-feeding is a very complex task and it is common for children to have difficulty using cutlery to feed themselves. It usually takes until a child is 7 years old before they can successfully use cutlery to feed themselves without being too messy.

There are a variety of tools that can be used to support children with mealtimes if they continue to find these skills challenging.

Many of these are readily available and are not seen as specialist equipment:

You also get suction bowls so they cannot be thrown.

Caring Cutlery helps a child to hold the cutlery in the most efficient way and encourages independence with cutting up food. The handles have finger indents, where the index fingers are placed, and contoured handles, to make them easier to hold. For maximum benefit the child should be supervised when using the cutlery initially to ensure their fingers are positioned correctly.

The cutlery should be used as long as it is deemed both beneficial by the parent/teacher and acceptable to the child. Once the child is proficient using the cutlery they can try standard cutlery.