Information required to support a Request for Service

When deciding whether to accept a referral, information is required on ALL of the following issues.

Health Condition

  • Diagnosis

Body Function/structure

  • Structure and/or function of body affected e.g.
    – Structure = upper limbs, right leg
    – Function = wetting, soiling, feeling pain, getting to sleep


  • Watching, listening, seeing
  • Writing, scissor skills
  • Dressing, feeding, bathing, toileting, washing.
  • Running, skipping, hopping, catching and throwing a ball


  • Ability to make relationships with family
  • Ability to make relationships with other children
  • Other factors which limit the child’s ability to undertake activities.


  • Access to property, bathroom, bedroom, garden
  • Is the property/school safe?
  • Position of property/school
  • Condition of property/school


  • Is the child open to change?
  • Is the family open to change?
  • Is OT a priority needed at present?
  • What other Services are involved?
  • The impact the activity limitations has on participation.

Personal Factors

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Lifestyle
  • Coping styles

Based on the information received an OT will consider:

  • The number of activities difficulties identified
  • The impact of the activity difficulties on the child/family
  • Evidence of parental engagement
  • The severity of the activity difficulties – based on a grading of mild, moderate, severe, complete

Considering all the above factors a decision will be made to:

  • Accept or reject the referral
  • Offer Advice and strategies only
  • Offer Parental workshop
  • Offer Assessment and strategies
  • Offer Intervention (1 – 6 sessions)
  • Offer Group work
  • Offer Equipment assessment and/or provision
  • Offer assessment for Adaptations