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Cryptosporidium detected in Brixham area

South West Water has confirmed that low levels of cryptosporidium have been found in the local supply of water in and around Brixham.  Symptoms, which can last for two to three weeks include:

It is predominantly a waterborne disease and infections can be caused by drinking contaminated water or swallowing contaminated water in swimming pools or streams. It can also be acquired by animal and human contact.

South West Water is advising residents in Alston and the Hillhead area of Brixham to boil drinking water until further notice, and is delivering notices to all the properties affected.

You can check if your property has been affected by looking at this map: Service Updates | In Your Area | South West Water Boiled water can be stored in the fridge for 24 hours too

Services at Brixham Community Hospital continue to run and we will let you know if this changes.

Visit South West Water’s website for the latest information

And information about cryptosporidium can be found at